We believe in mindful, sustainable and positive consumption. Sustainability has always been a very important topic for me and my company. I ha...

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PETA Vegan Fashion Award

PETA Vegan Fashion Awards

We received the Vegan Fashion Award in the category "Best Fashion Piece Women Spring/Summer"! We are very happy about the award for our flare legg...

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Über Clara

About Clara

Hi, I'm Clara, founder and creative heart of Clara Himmel and would like to tell you about my story and my passion in the next few lines: how ...

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Das Label

The Label

Clara Himmel stands for fair and sustainably produced women's fashion. Our environment is very important to us and that's why my team and I have ma...

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Faire Produktion

Fair Production

Right from the start I sewed and produced every single part myself. At some point, my two hands were just not enough and I couldn't keep up with t...

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Unsere Materialien & Stoffe

Our materials & fabrics

Organic cotton  We only use certified organic cotton for our clothing. This is particularly important to us, since no chemical pesticides or ...

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Unser Packaging

Our packaging

We have taken another step towards sustainability and only ship our goods in boxes made of grass paper.  Grass paper consists of a mixture of nati...

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Care tips

We hope that you can enjoy your favorite pieces by Clara Himmel for as long as possible. That's why we've put together some care tips for different...

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