Fair Production

Right from the start I sewed and produced every single part myself. At some point, my two hands were just not enough and I couldn't keep up with the orders anymore. It was time to make more decisions about the future of my little label. I quickly came to the conclusion that the production of our clothes should remain in our hands. 

Clara Himmel stands for fair production and that's exactly what we can best guarantee if we just do it ourselves. 

Our workshop is now also located in our studio in Dortmund. This is where new products are created and your orders are sewn and produced here. Our team includes two seamstresses who support me in my work as a designer. It's incredibly fun to have a room full of creative people designing new collections. Sometimes it gets a bit chaotic, but that's how we creative people are. 

In the meantime we have outgrown our workshop and it was clear to me that we needed support. I found support in Portugal and Turkey. Here we work with small family businesses that produce some of our styles. In Portugal and Turkey, production is also fair and sustainable, just like here in Germany. This was particularly important to me when I was looking for new partners to entrust the production of our clothes to. We are always in close contact with our production facilities and I am very happy to be able to work with so many great people.